Daishan Haizhou Shipyard

Location: Shanghai, China - 20nm south of Yangshan Container Terminal

Docksizes: 360x68m, 300x40m and 260x40m

Docking draft: up to 8m w/o tide interference

Quays: various between 210m and 680m, Draft 8 to 10m

Crane details: Quay 25t to 60t, Dock 50 to 60t, Dock-Gantrycrane 150t

Employees: 1.600, including subcontractors up to 2.500


  • private Shipyard with very quick decisions
  • very client orientated
  • Deviation for vessels only 2hrs from Yangshan Terminal
  • spacious layout, new and well maintained yard facilities
  • VLCC Dock with 68m width
  • flexible Panamax docks, which are serviced by a 150t Gantry crane
  • very strong in steel and paint work
  • good drafts, easy access from the sea, clearance anchorage close by
  • very competitive pricing compared to other local shipyards

Yard Layout